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Unlocking potential

The project

Bringing opportunity home for a new generation

Junction Rivers is a $1.5 billion wind energy and storage project located about 15km south of Balranald, New South Wales.

During construction, the project will create up to 400 peak jobs and contribute more than $230 million into the regional economy.

Once operational, Junction Rivers will occupy less than 3 per cent of the combined area of its host properties, while producing enough clean, competitively priced energy to power one in every eight households in New South Wales.

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The location

Grazing and cropping land 15km south of Balranald, NSW

The Junction Rivers site is home to an abundant wind energy resource and will coexist alongside existing grazing and cropping activities on host properties.

The project is within the New South Wales South West Renewable Energy Zone and can be grid-connected via existing transmission infrastructure or the Energy Connect line under construction.

Importantly, Junction Rivers is unlikely to disturb sensitive habitats, and any potential impacts can be managed in a way that balances feedback, technical constraints, and regulatory requirements.

The community

Local collaboration for a strong future

Our host communities are long-term stakeholders in our projects. We take their views seriously.

We’ve been working with the community to develop a balanced, responsible project informed by local insight, equitable capacity building, employment and community development initiatives that matter to local people.

As we work through the regulatory approval process, community feedback will continue to be vital in informing our approach and delivering lasting regional benefits.

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three farm workers looking towards shed with machinery and stacks of hay

Responsible development

Balanced design informed by stakeholders

We recognise any new development can have an impact, and care must be taken to protect environmental and community values.

Our approach to development is an iterative process that unfolds over several years. Comprehensive technical, environment, and socio-economic studies, together with input from ongoing consultation, are essential parts of the process, and this takes time.

We appreciate the input and generosity of the community in working with us to responsibly deliver Junction Rivers in a way that is backed by science and benefits the region.

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For more than 20 years, we have engaged locals in our projects, respected the needs and wishes of communities and taken pride in driving positive socio-economic outcomes for local people in regional Australia.

Born out of the CSIRO, we use our own leading-edge technology and globally recognised expertise to find, develop and operate the best performing renewable energy projects in the world.

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