Why are you developing Junction Rivers in this location?
Where will the workforce for Junction Rivers come from?
What kind of local supply and contracting opportunities will the project deliver?
How will you get turbines to site?
What size wind turbines will be used?
What is the regulatory review process for Junction Rivers?
What is the value of Junction Rivers in terms of decarbonisation?
What is the disturbance footprint of the project?
How will the project impact the local community and neighbouring landowners?
How are you addressing potential impacts associated with Junction Rivers?
What is the carbon footprint of a wind turbine and how long does it take to offset the footprint?
What benefits will Junction Rivers deliver to the region?
Have local communities been consulted?
Are Traditional Owners being involved in project discussions?
I’ve heard adding new renewable energy generation can make the transition network less stable. Is this true?
Are wind farms noisy?
What will Windlab do with the site once Junction Rivers reaches the end operations?
How can I have my say?
Why wind?
Who is Windlab?

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