Community Benefit Fund pilot program

We are launching a Junction Rivers Community Benefit Fund pilot program and investing in the community development initiatives that matter to local people.

Windlab is inviting members of the Balranald, Tooleybuc, Goodnight and Kyalite communities to be part of its $60,000 Community Benefit Fund pilot program for the proposed Junction Rivers development.

We will be administering this program in partnership with a community panel to truly understand how this fund can deliver the most positive impact in the region. Community organisations can apply for a grant, starting at $5,000, and community members can apply to be part of the evaluation of the grant panel.

Who is eligible to apply for funding?

  • an individual or organisation (who hasn’t applied to sit on the Evaluation Panel) has an ABN (or an auspice organisation with an ABN)
  • whose project benefits the Balranald, Tooleybuc, Goodnight and/or Kyalite communities, and
  • whose project aligns to one or more of the following 7 categories:
  1. outdoor recreational activities, sports and clubs
  2. employment or educational opportunities
  3. community events and festivals
  4. strengthening local services
  5. supporting community social benefits, inclusion, health and wellbeing
  6. art and cultural
  7. environment and heritage restoration preservation and promotion.

Who can apply to sit on the evaluation panel?

An individual or organisation in their personal or representative capacity (who hasn’t applied for a grant or can declare and manage any conflicts of interest) who is part of the Balranald, Tooleybuc, Goodnight and Kyalite communities, and is ready, willing and able to:

  1. Use an online platform to assess applications individually and then collaborate as a group to make recommendations to Windlab, and
  2. Represent and act in the interests of the local Balranald, Tooleybuc, Goodnight and Kyalite communities and stakeholders (across two local government areas) Windlab will receive the applications, appoint members of the Evaluation Panel and will notify successful and unsuccessful applicants.

Applications for the pilot program open 10 February and close 4:00pm 29 March 2023. To apply and for more information contact Lisa Mango on 0429 276 698 or email

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